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Postcard from... Beijing

Mao Zedong’s face already adorns every bank note, and a portrait of the Great Helmsman graces the gates of the Forbidden City at the heart of the capital Beijing. Now China’s founding father is set to feature in an animated film about his teenage years.

Postcard from... Barcelona

For years, the lines of florists stalls and their brightly coloured bunches of flowers have given La Rambla, one of Barcelona’s most-appealing  tourist attractions, a perpetually festive air. But there are fears that they may soon disappear.

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Lothar Bisky: Communist who helped former comrades enter the political

Lothar Bisky, who died on 13 August at the age of 71, was a politican, who after German reunification helped steer discredited East German communists into the mainstream of national politics. He was among a handful of East German Communists who took the helm of the discredited former ruling Socialist Unity Party following the opening of the Berlin Wall and the removal of the hard-line leadership. They transformed the former Stalinist party into a Western-style left-wing movement that still enjoys support, mostly in former Communist areas of eastern Germany.