Eva Longoria

Fashion: Bright times are ahead

Just when news of the economy couldn't get any bleaker or the February skies any greyer, fashion is awash with a colour clash more vivid than we've dared sport in years. The message is clear: we all need cheering up a bit – so if you wear anything this spring, make sure it's startling pink, fiery orange, or preferably both at the same time.

Apple go for gold

Apple has released its latest financial figures, showing a 26 per cent rise in quarterly profits, boosted by sales of the iPhone 3G. The just-released figures haven't really shown the impact of the bad economic dramas though, prompting a warning that Apple's Christmas figures may miss market expectations based on the last few years of iPod-fuelled Yuletide shopping frenzies.

The real stars of Cannes

Forget the Palme d'Or – the real action has been at the parties, premieres and press conferences. And there have been some award-winning performances