The 10 Best running watches

These devices won't just give you the time of your jog – but calories burned, your heart rate and the route taken.

A week with: Garmin Edge 810 bike satnav

Price: £379.99
Screen: 2.6-inch touchscreen
Battery life: 17 hours
Maps: Built in mapping and Ordinance Survey compatible
Connectivity: Automatic Bluetooth syncin

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Is Anti-Virus John McAfee in Guatemala?

Gawker reports disapprovingly on "tits-and-drugs rag Vice" accidentally revealing the location of on-the-run John McAfee, the 67-year-old founder of the antivirus company, who has been in hiding since his neighbour was murdered last month.

Get ready for your own Truman Show with the Memoto Camera

The police state George Orwell created in 1984 was relentlessly efficient. Nothing was overlooked, nothing was missed, but even Eric Blair himself might be shocked by the round-the-clock surveillance efficiency of the latest bit of consumer tech to hit the market. Called the Memoto Camera, it allows you to "capture and re-live every memorable moment of your life".

I GPS tracked my wife, and it didn't feel good

As new gadgets are released that make it easier to track loved ones, the New York Times's Farhad Manjoo asks if we're in for a wave of family snooping. To see how it felt, he slipped a GPS tracker into his wife's car, another into his 2-year-old's diaper bag, and one more into his parents' vehicle for good measure.