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The 10 Best ski goggles

Downhill racer or rank amateur, the right eyewear makes all the difference on the mountain

Is Anti-Virus John McAfee in Guatemala?

Gawker reports disapprovingly on "tits-and-drugs rag Vice" accidentally revealing the location of on-the-run John McAfee, the 67-year-old founder of the antivirus company, who has been in hiding since his neighbour was murdered last month.

Reoffending may rise under Ken Clarke's plans

Kenneth Clarke's plans to toughen up community orders by tracking offenders with high-tech ankle tags and ensuring every sentence is a punishment could increase reoffending, the Government's own impact assessment showed today.

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The new, new location thing

Does GPS technology need replacing? Mark Piesing looks at the contenders hoping to plot a fresh navigational path

Steve Richards: The looming chaos of NHS reform

Here is a scene from the recent past that becomes baffling in the light of what followed. During the Conservative leadership contest in 2005, David Cameron had a private meeting with the MP John Redwood in an attempt to secure his support. As any candidate does in these circumstances, Cameron highlighted areas of common ground. Then he paused and said to Redwood: "I must be honest with you. I am sure you want to reform the NHS but I am not going to touch it."