Geoff Hurst

Stewart Downing up for the cups to spark West Ham revival

Being known as a "Cup team" is a mixed compliment, implying the ability to raise your game for one-off occasions, but never to sustain it. If Wigan Athletic, FA Cup winners relegated within a week, are newcomers to the genre, West Ham United have been at it rather longer.

Roy Hodgson in England talks - the reaction

Following the news that West Brom boss Roy Hodgson is in talks with the FA to take over as manager of England, players and pundits throughout the country have had their say on the decision.

Following in the footsteps of Sir Alf...

George Cohen is the latest World Cup winner to draw flattering parallels between Fabio Capello and Sir Alf Ramsey. James Lawton, a cub reporter in 1966, assesses their management styles and notes how much can change with six months to go

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