George Clooney

From Comic-Con to mainstream cinemas: Here be monster hits

Yesterday saw the end of this year’s Comic-Con, during which geeks descend on San Diego to be whipped up into a frenzy about the release of new sci-fi and action movies. But which films does Trending back to cross over to mass non-geek appeal?

Do the movies have a future?

The New Yorker's film critic-in-chief David Denby has major bones to pick with today's industry - not least how "the business of movies is strangling the art and entertainment of movies".

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Obama gets 'ruff' with White House opponents

It was the annual White House correspondents' dinner on Saturday, hosted by the late-night talk star Jimmy Kimmel, and the Comedian-in-Chief Barack Obama didn't waste the opportunity, poking fun at himself and his administration (a little) and at his foes in the overheated political chamber of an American election year (a lot).

Who you gonna call with your 'cell' phone?

So, George Clooney is thrown into a cell after his arrest at a protest over the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. "You've got one call, kid," the officer says (probably). "Make it a good one." Who does he phone? Mummy, of course.