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Exiled journalist's return to Zimbabwe

The crew were told to prepare for landing. My heart was pounding. How would I be received in the country I fled in a blaze of death threats nine years ago?

Mugabe denies illness as rivals jockey for position

The intensifying battle to succeed Robert Mugabe yesterday forced the 86-year-old President of Zimbabwe to publicly deny reports that he is seriously ill. Speculation that the aged leader's health had deteriorated has helped to push a behind-the-scenes power struggle between rival factions in his ruling party into the open.

Mugabe marks 30 years of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe marked the 30th anniversary of its independence yesterday the same way that it had celebrated its initial separation from Britain: with a stadium speech by Robert Mugabe.

The state of the nation novel

On the day that the winner of the Costa Book of the Year is announced, Mark Piggott explores why state-of-the-nation novels are in vogue but rarely win the big prizes

Brown bids to toughen European sanctions on Zimbabwean regime

Britain's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, sought to toughen European Union sanctions against the Mugabe regime yesterday after a bruising diplomatic failure in New York, where China and Russia vetoed action on the Zimbabwe crisis from the UN Security Council.

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Tsvangirai seeks embassy refuge after death threat

Morgan Tsvangirai has sought refuge at the Dutch embassy in Harare after receiving an "umpteenth threat on his life", his party said, as Robert Mugabe vowed to proceed with next Friday's presidential run-off despite his chief opponent's withdrawal.

Murdered by Mugabe's mob

His eyes gouged out and his tongue cut off, Tonderai Ndira is one of 50 opposition activists killed in the run-up to Zimbabwe's election