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9 reasons to curb your caffeine cravings

Before you reach for another coffee or brew, did you know that too much caffeine can disrupt your body clock, by preventing melatonin from being produced? This, in turn, affects your sleep patterns.

What is stress?

Stress can make you feel as if you cannot cope and that everything is overwhelming you. Signs can vary from person to person and they are often easier to recognise in someone else.

'I killed him': US Navy Seal who fired the shot that killed Osama bin

His actions were praised by Barack Obama, and considered by many to be the key foreign policy achievement of the US President’s first term. Yet the former US Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden has revealed that, after leaving the military, he has been left without a pension or health insurance and is struggling financially.

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What is private health insurance? An overview

There are approximately 3.26 million people currently with their own health insurance cover in the UK but with free NHS cover available to all, there are plenty of factors to consider before you decide to purchase.