Hedge Funds

US regulators seek $1.1m from former Goldman trader Fabrice Tourre

America’s Securities and Exchange Commission has taken former Goldman Sachs London banker Fabrice 'Fabulous' Tourre to court demanding $1.1 million (£674,000) in fines and other penalties for his role in a failed mortgage-backed securities deal which cost investors $1 billion.

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United cash balance drops £100m

Manchester United's cash reserves fell by £100m in six months, in part to finance an investment in the squad attempting to win the fight for domestic supremacy with Manchester City.

Crime & Thrillers: Sleuths in battle

Let's avoid saying that 2011 was the best of times, the worst of times for the crime and thriller field - but it has been a turbulent year, with regular visits by authors to both the heights and the depths.