The light fantastic in St Petersburg

After the long, cold winter, the city's residents revel in the White Nights of summer, with festivities that run well beyond midnight, says Chris Leadbeater

Team GB's Michael Jamieson gains shock silver with stroke of genius

After the expected came a British tale of the unexpected. Michael Jamieson only made it to the Olympic Games by two-hundredths of a second and while Britain yesterday prepared to greet two of its sure-thing gold medals, the young man from Glasgow prepared to deliver a medal that nobody saw coming outside his training base in Bath.

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48 Hours: Helsinki

With long summer days and a vibrant arts festival on the agenda, the Finnish capital is now at its most alluring, says <b>Chris Leadbeater</b>

Ask the traveller: Cruise fuel surcharge

Without sight of the exact contract you signed with the company, it's impossible to say for certain – but it's safe to say that the typical terms-and-conditions of the cruise companies includes a clause to say, basically, "If the price we pay for fuel rises, we reserve the right to pass that extra cost on to you."