Results day: what's next?

After getting your results you may have to change your plan of action - you could go to university, head off on a gap year to warmer climes, or become an apprentice

Computer puts human supremacy in jeopardy

There aren't many quiz shows where the stakes are high for anyone but the participants but in the special episodes of Jeopardy! on American television this week, the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money are very much an afterthought. The real prize: humanity's continued supremacy in the ongoing struggle to preserve our status against computers. And, last night it was confirmed: man has been trumped by machine.

Put your DNA to the test

A DNA testing project launched by National Geographic and IBM seeks to challenge where we think we come from.

Bletchley Park receives £57,000 donation

Efforts to save Bletchley Park, the historic site where wartime code-breakers cracked the Germans' infamous Enigma code, from further disrepair have been given a boost by a donation of $100,000 (£57,000) from two large American hi-tech firms.