'Increasing evidence' that Australia is torturing refugees

'Medical involvement in torture is often discussed in terms of what happens or has happened elsewhere, in some imagined country far away, under a military dictatorship for example, or historically in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia'

Why did people really vote for Brexit?

The crude majoritarian politics of this referendum has seen half of the population (a generally poorer, less well-educated and elderly half) effectively strip major freedoms and even a cherished identity from the other half (a more prosperous and predominantly younger half)

10 reasons to feel positive after Brexit

Some poorer communities that were sacrificed for the good of the EU could become prosperous again; we probably would have been forced to join the euro eventually; and savings on the EU budget contribution are real

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I'm sick of the PC referendum debates where everyone takes offence

If, during Spain v Turkey at the Euros, the commentator had said, “That cross is cut out by the goalkeeper, who’s probably a commander of Isis and if the EU get their way will be living in Stoke by the end of the week, claiming it’s his human right to fire rocket-propelled grenades at your pot plants”, he’d have the PC brigade claiming this was “racist”

Does Britain need to take more control of its sovereignty?

The big EU questions: The EU debate so far has been characterised by bias, distortion and exaggeration. So until the end of the referendum, we are running a series of question-and-answer features that will try to explain the most important issues in a detailed, dispassionate way