Inheritance Tax

Family's thanks for Freudian slip

The family of painter Lucian Freud donated a 19th-century masterpiece to the National Gallery – to thank Britain for offering him refuge from the Nazis in 1933.

Hero to zero: The dizzy rise and dramatic fall of Nick Clegg

Is the Deputy Prime Minister's current status as the most hated man in Britain justified? Matt Chorley thinks the country a better place for his efforts, while John Rentoul says he has little to show for the compromises coalition politics have required

Le Carré gifts entire archive to Bodleian

George Smiley, John le Carré's fictional Cold War spymaster, is returning to his spiritual home. The University of Oxford's Bodleian Library is to take charge of le Carré's vast literary archive, including early drafts of the Oxford-educated Smiley's famous rise through MI6.

Joan Smith: When is a house not a home? When it's a council house

We know how strongly the Conservative Party feels about where people live. Home is very important to Tory politicians, so much so that their ambition is to lift the inheritance tax threshold so that families can more easily stay there. The proposal delighted Middle England when it was announced in 2007, and it's only the annoying circumstance of a financial crisis that's persuaded the present government to postpone it. Clearly it's unfair for families to be faced with selling much-loved homes after 20 years or more just to pay death duties. Stable communities where people know their neighbours and support each other are central to the Big Society.

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