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Obama and Romney make 'closing arguments' as candidates prepare for

It was Sunday morning, so they started with a prayer, along with a re-worked version of the hymn Amazing Grace by a country music band. In a way, that set the stage perfectly for the arrival of Mitt Romney, a candidate whose whose final hours on the campaign trail revolve around a big leap of faith.

Las Vegas casino tycoon gambles $5m on backing for Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich, who is fighting to slow the momentum of Mitt Romney towards securing the Republican presidential nomination, received a big boost at the weekend as a Las Vegas casino tycoon pledged $5m (£3.2m) towards an independent group that is supporting his run.

Report claims Santorum used Senate contacts to earn $1m

The heat in winter in New Hampshire is set to rise sharply for the front-runners in the race for the Republican presidential nomination with Rick Santorum facing charges that he has used Capitol Hill contacts to turn himself into a millionaire and Mitt Romney bracing for a barrage of attacks in two television debates today and tomorrow.

Michele Bachmann quits presidential race

US Representative Michele Bachmann ended her campaign to become the 2012 Republican presidential nominee today and called on supporters to rally behind the party's eventual choice.

Rupert Cornwell: What counts now is cash – and Romney is winning

To paraphrase Winston Churchill's words about the battle of El Alamein and its place in the Second World War, this month of January does not signify the end of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, nor even necessarily the beginning of the end. But it is very much the end of the beginning.

Mitt Romney beats Rick Santorum in Iowa caucus by just eight votes

After months of being ignored by the pundits and pollsters, Rick Santorum, the social conservative and former US Senator from Pennsylvania, leaped to the head of the Iowa caucus vote essentially sharing victory for the night with the former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney.

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2012: Good year/Bad year

Not since the turn of the millennium has a single year promised so much: the Olympics, Euro 2012, a US election, an extra day off, and oh, the end of the world. Here, we assess the 12 winners and losers, and ask what the year holds... apart from Armageddon

Republican spotlight on Santorum

A late surge in the polls and a negative ad from one of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination has put Rick Santorum under the spotlight ahead of voting in the first primaries next week.

Keep your mitts off my tax returns, says Romney

Mitt Romney, the long-running but still-vulnerable favourite to win the Republican presidential nomination, is once more facing awkward questions about his personal finances after announcing that he will refuse to share his tax returns with the US electorate.