John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy memorabilia put up for auction by aide's family

Almost half a century after he was assassinated, John F Kennedy still has no trouble drawing a crowd. Hundreds of visitors are descending on the small town of Amesbury in northern Massachusetts to view a collection of keepsakes and memorabilia related to the 35th President, which is due to go to auction on Sunday.

Sale puts final nail in saga of JFK killer's coffin

The coffin in which they buried Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of shooting President John F Kennedy, is to be sold at auction in Los Angeles, almost 50 years after the events that led to his untimely death.

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Dear Jackie... how America mourned JFK

They arrived from every corner of the country. They were from men women and children, of every race, age, class and calling. Half a century on, they have come to life again, expressing Americans' grief, shock and collective sense of bereavement at the news of John F Kennedy's assassination.

Quick as a flash, Lightning is now a phenomenon

Four months down the line, in the chill of a bleak British midwinter, the memory remains warmingly vivid. It is the Olympastadion in Berlin on the evening of Thursday 20 August 2009 and the World Championship men's 200m final is fast approaching. Usain Bolt enters the arena. The crowd roars with laughter at his every clowning move, relayed by the trackside cameras on to the giant screens at either end of the stadium.