Keith Vaz

Tagging of criminals fails in more than half of cases

More than half of electronically tagged criminals are breaking the terms of their curfews, raising questions about the effectiveness of one of the central planks of the Government's criminal justice agenda. A report by the Inspectorate of Probation has found that 59 per cent of tagged offenders spent more than four hours away from home without authorisation.

Cameron backs his immigration stand

David Cameron today defended his tough stance on immigration as "moderate, sensible and reasonable" after he was accused by Liberal Democrat cabinet colleague Vince Cable of inflaming extremism.

Minister faces inquiry over illegal worker

The Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, was fighting for her political career last night as immigration officials began an investigation into how she came to hire an illegal worker as a housekeeper.

Happy hours to be banned in alcohol 'problem areas'

Happy hours and supermarket deals would be banned in areas plagued by binge drinking and alcohol-related crime under a plan being considered by ministers. Three government departments are in talks over the proposed scheme to tackle binge drinking "hot spots", The Independent has learnt.