WOW Bikes: Ron Arad reinvents the wheel

Londoners have become used to their distinctive blue "Boris bikes", but from today, a much more outlandish fleet of two-wheelers will be available. Called WOW Bikes, they have been customised by top creatives and after being used by visitors to a West End hotel for the next 10 weeks, they will be auctioned to raise money for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Join cinema's new in-crowd

Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald credits more than 340 amateurs as co-directors on his new film, the YouTube-inspired Life in a Day. It's the future of documentary-making, says Leigh Singer

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Porsche Panamera

The new Panamera breaks the Porsche mould. Yes, it's fast and fun, but its engine's at the front and it's not all about the driver

Lamborghini's sleek and unique tribute

Lamborghini has replaced the all-wheel drive set-up on its latest Gallardo supercar with rear-drive - in honour of its legendary test driver, Valentino Balboni.

Seat Exeo TDI Sport

Product launches happen in fits and starts. A manufacturer will trundle along with the same range then all of a sudden there will be a veritable deluge of new models, engines and specs.

Seat Ibiza

It's a typical British day - dark, dank and desperately dreary - but at least drivers can now have their very own bit of Ibiza thanks to Seat.