Liam Fox

Now Boris has to share his 115-room mansion, I feel so much better

As someone who is not so much on the housing ladder as standing directly underneath the scaffolding while thousands of well-heeled pensioners periodically dump buckets of their own sewage onto my head, there’s only so hard I can laugh when I hear gags about the three Brexiteers squeezing a bunk-bed into a mansion

Gurkhas to get lower payoffs in Army cuts

One officer facing compulsory redundancy said: 'I have given my whole life to the Army. I feel helpless. There is no morale in the brigade, it is very, very bad'

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Liam Fox hails 'successful' Libya action

Military action in Libya has been "extraordinarily successful" and demonstrates Britain's continued scope for overseas missions in the wake of the defence review, Liam Fox said today.

'No wavering' on Libya, warns Liam Fox

The international community must show no sign of "wavering" in its resolve to protect the Libyan people from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces, Defence Secretary Liam Fox warned today.

Extra help for troops to mask U-turn on covenant

Ministers across the Government have been ordered to find extra resources for armed forces personnel and veterans in an attempt to mask a U-turn on David Cameron's pledge to enshrine the Military Covenant in law.