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James Cameron brings Titanic back in 3D – but is it just the tip of

When Titanic became the most profitable movie ever, generating $1.8 billion at the box office globally in 1997, director James Cameron claimed to be pleasantly surprised. It was, he joked, an unlikely triumph for a three-hour "chick-flick" to which everyone already knows the ending.

Four council workers at centre of fresh Twitter privacy row

A court order has forced Twitter to hand over the personal details of a British user, raising further questions about free speech on the internet and the possibility that celebrities and corporations could head to US courts to unmask users who break injunctions or make libellous comments.

Tarantino sues neighbour over 'blood-curdling' noise of pet parrots

Quentin Tarantino, the director who has made us cover our eyes during the goriest sequences of his films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs is apparently a little squeamish himself when it comes to sound effects, especially those that are, as he puts it, "blood-curdling" and "pterodactyl-like".

Base-jumping Austrian to break sound barrier – if he can take

In a world that has been comprehensively conquered from Pole to Pole, where younger explorers successfully scale our tallest peaks each year, and where satellites have mapped every last square kilometre of our planet, there are few truly outrageous challenges left to overcome.

French court has Google in the dock

A French court has ordered Google Inc to pay 5,000 euros (£4253) in libel damages to a man who claimed that searches for his name automatically yielded a list of harmful suggestions.

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Judge suggests Lohan delays movie

A judge has refused a request by Lindsay Lohan's attorney to ease restrictions involving drug and alcohol testing on the actress so she can film a movie in Texas.