Marilyn Monroe

Unseen photographs of Marilyn Monroe

Previously unseen images of Marilyn Monroe have been published in a new book, Marilyn: August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos, which comes out this week.

Kevin McCarthy: Actor best known for his role in the Cold War

The heavy-set, square-jawed Kevin McCarthy was a distinguished actor with an extensive career in the theatre as well as movies and television, but he will be best remembered for his leading role in one of the most famous of screen science-fiction thrillers, Don Siegel's cult classic, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), in which he was a doctor desperate to convince the authorities that the human race is being taken over by "pod people".

Sean O'Grady: America has become a hostage of its own quest for energy

America faces a problem, a dilemma so fundamental that not even the political skills of Barack Obama can disguise it, heightened by, but not originating in the BP affair: She either risks her environment by drilling for more domestically sourced oil, or she accepts the need to import more from a turbulent world – jeopardising her "energy security".

Kylie v Nicola (no contest)

One is a former child star who became a pop diva, the other an entrepreneur. So which is a role model for young businesswomen? By Sophie Goodchild