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Why I set up my own suicide crisis centre

I recall phoning the crisis team once, and the nurse who answered was concerned that I might make a suicide attempt that night. 'I’m not afraid to say that I care,' she said. The phrase was interesting because it implied that there was a fear among mental health professionals of appearing to care about someone

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We asked university students how they deal with mental health issues

Figures recently issued by the Office for National Statistics have shown that there were 130 suicides among both nation's full-time students aged 18 and over in 2014, with the number considerably higher among men. With the student suicide rate at its highest in nearly 10 years we asked university students about their struggle, how much help is available to them and how they manage they deal with the pressure of everyday student life.

Autistic Pride Day 2016: Why we are proud to have autism

Hollywood films such as Rain Man and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape have introduced neurotypical audiences to the complex condition that is autism (with the help on non-autistic actors). But on Autistic Pride Day, those living with it speak for themselves, and celebrate the unique way that autism affects each of them.