Mental Health

Children's mental health has hit crisis point

Young people’s collective stress buckets are overflowing as they attempt to endure the realities of a world which consistently demands academic, social and aesthetic perfection with no means of releasing that pressure

Yazidi girl sets herself on fire in bid to avoid rape by Isis soldiers

'I'm experienced in trauma, I had already worked with patients from Rwanda, from Bosnia, but this was very different. If you have an eight-year-old girl in front of you and she's saying she was sold eight times by Isis and raped 100 times during 10 months, how can humankind be so evil?'

Calling Corbyn a 'lunatic' isn't the first gaffe Owen Smith has made

It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when he accuses Corbyn of being partially responsible for misogyny in Labour but then says we should 'smash Theresa May back on her heels', echoing views we heard when he told Leanne Wood she was invited on Question Time because of her 'gender'

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Why I set up my own suicide crisis centre

I recall phoning the crisis team once, and the nurse who answered was concerned that I might make a suicide attempt that night. 'I’m not afraid to say that I care,' she said. The phrase was interesting because it implied that there was a fear among mental health professionals of appearing to care about someone