Michael Bloomberg

Helen Gurley Brown: Bestselling author and editor of Cosmopolitan

Helen Gurley Brown was the editor of Cosmopolitan and the author of the controversial, bestselling 1962 book Sex and the Single Girl. She was later the catalyst for the hugely popular Sex and the City series written by Candace Bushnell, in which the main protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, writes a sex column on her sexual escapades and those of her close friends, as well as musings about the relationships between men and women. Arguably their lifestyles would not have been possible without Brown’s pioneering views.

FBI reveals doubts over US 'terrorist'

As authorities in New York touted their success in foiling an alleged terror plot, new questions were raised about the seriousness of the threat, with reports that the FBI declined to investigate the suspect because it did not consider him an effective terrorist.

177 arrested as police clash with Wall Street protesters

Occupy Wall Street protesters fought with police in New York after they tried but failed to take over the streets around the Stock Exchange in downtown Manhattan and disrupt the usual market opening. Disturbances on the two-month anniversary of the movement also broke out in other US cities.

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New York hosts its first gay weddings

The wedding bells rang out ceaselessly across New York yesterday as dozens of gay couples rushed to tie the knot after the state became the sixth to sanction same-sex marriage.

Bloomberg's $3bn vision for New York's waterfront

A plan unveiled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg aims to put landlubber New Yorkers back in touch with the resource that surrounds them – the city's sometimes glittering but too-often-ignored waterfront, all 520 miles of it.

Cameron's gift list leaves Clegg wanting

Spare a thought, or better a present, for Nick Clegg. He may have the trappings of power – his own office in Downing Street, civil servants to do his bidding and a referendum on electoral reform, but he's still not worth more than £140 to anybody.