Middle East

Qatar could be heading for an 'Arab autumn'

Investments by Qatar’s state-owned companies in Britain are the largest in western Europe: Shell, Barclays, the Shard, Harrods, Canary Wharf and 30 per cent shares in the London Stock Exchange will surely guarantee a lowering of the UK flag to half-mast when Hamad and Tamim die

We haven't learned from Britain’s misjudgments in the Middle East

There was confusion and muddle and serious miscalculations. Most of the big mistakes were made by politicians in London who got bees in their bonnet about the Middle East, ignored or excluded the experts, and, perhaps their most besetting sin, failed to think policy through

The relationship between Israel and Lebanon is deteriorating again

“Above and below live civilians whom we have nothing against – a kind of human shield,” Eshel threatened. “And that is where the war will be. That is where we will have to fight in order to stop it and win.  Whoever stays in these bases [sic] will simply be hit…”  

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