On the hunt for the best steak in the world

Beefy, bloody and bizarrely hard to get right, steak has an appeal far beyond the average piece of meat. Here, dedicated carnivore Mark Schatzker explains why he decided to travel the world in search of the primest cut

Like a fine wine

Add some berry shades to your wardrobe for an intoxicating look, says Naomi Attwood

Ulan Bator says goodbye, Lenin

The last bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin was dismantled in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, yesterday. The monument was hoisted off its plinth in a park and dropped on to a flat-bed lorry at a ceremony attended by the Mayor, Bat-Uul Erdene.

The Big Six: Luxury desert camps

Though it's only a two-hour drive from Muscat, Desert Nights Camp feels like a completely different world to the Omani capital. Set in an oasis in the Wahiba Sands, the 30 Bedouin-style tents here are as comfortable as they are remote, with double and family-sized tented suites that come complete with bathrooms, electricity and minibars. In a nice nod to the location, guests are given fresh dates and Arabic coffee on arrival.

The First Emperor's Terracotta Army recruited outside China

Acrobats from Burma, workers from Central or West Asia, and a mausoleum design inspired by work in the Middle East – the Mausoleum of China’s First Emperor was a cosmopolitan place says Dr. Duan Qingbo, the man in charge of excavating it.

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Andy Kershaw returns to Radio 3

Broadcaster Andy Kershaw is to return to BBC Radio 3 after three years off-air as a result of personal problems, it was announced today.