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Pronunciation: Make a speech purist cry – try vocal fry

Will you be frying tonight? Britney, Kim Kardashian and her coven and K$sha (her keyboard clumsiness, not mine) will be. I'm not talking about the oil-based cooking technique. Instead, I refer to the "vocal fry", a non-fattening and newly identified way of speaking that is, apparently, big with young women in the US.

Ben Gazzara: Intense and powerful actor best known for his work with

Ben Gazzara managed a career that embraced critically acclaimed independent and art-house films, popular movies, television and stage. He may be best known for three searing performances in John Cassavetes films but also worked with directors such as Otto Preminger, Spike Lee, the Coens and Lars von Trier. He claimed that youthful idealism made him turn down a lot of roles but in later years he refused few jobs, simply to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. In such a prolific career his ability to make the smallest gesture register means he is often better than the films he is in.

Album: Blood Orange, Coastal Grooves (Domino)

Blood Orange is the latest alias of former Test Icicle Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion. Now resident in New York, his operation stripped down to just a laptop and a guitar, he twiddles the latter prettily over slightly crap computerised drumbeats from the former while singing coded confessionals and third-person yarns. It's pleasant enough, but on the whole feels like Hynes' sketches towards an album, rather than the finished item.

Art hoard found after police raid suspect who walked off with Picasso

A former sommelier who was due last night be charged with stealing a Picasso drawing from a San Francisco art gallery 10 days ago now has an even wider canvas of legal problems after East Coast police raided his apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey, only to find 11 more allegedly stolen pieces.

Make the Manhattan transfer

City Slicker - New York: Beat the summer sun to the streets of New York. Kate Simon offers ideas for new and returning visitors

The big surprise in Little Italy

The latest New York census found that not a single Italian lives in the home of Mafia legend. David Usborne walks its 'mean' streets

Nice aria, shame about the film

Operas on screen bring expensive productions within general reach. But the results are disappointing, says Jessica Duchen

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How We Met: Neil LaBute & Anna Waterhouse

When a person makes a living writing about the dark hearts of characters, you do worry what they're going to be like in person. I'd just moved to LA, in 2002, having produced my first West End play, This is Our Youth, and as a massive fan of Neil's work, I was interested in turning one of his short stories into a film. I got in touch with his agent, and Neil and I had lunch at a West Hollywood restaurant; it was a relief to discover that he was incredibly gentle and warm.

Whose painting is it anyway? Collector sues the Gagosian

When British art collector Robert Wylde bought Mark Tansey's 1981 painting The Innocent Eye Test in 2009, he thought that he was investing in a clever work of satire which showed up the farce-like dealings of the art world. He certainly did not think he would become part of the farce himself.