New York Fashion Week

You've been framed

An oversized pair of shades not only looks cool, but will help protect from damaging UV rays too, says Rebecca Gonsalves

24-hour room service: W London, Leicester Square

W – the 23rd letter in the Roman alphabet, or a hospitality anomaly? This single letter has come to stand for a concept that has become commonly known as the "lifestyle hotel". But What does W mean? The concept was plucked from the middle of the Starwood name 13 years ago to conceive a new brand for the international hotel operator, created squarely with Manhattan in mind.

The street art of Richard Hambleton

The dark, dynamic and almost forgotten doyen of street art, Richard Hambleton, returns after 25 years of skulking in the shadows. Alice Jones sees the results

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The Barcelona catwalk canary that caused a ruckus

Wide-eyed Tweety Bird has long stirred trouble in the cartoon world of Sylvester the Cat and Granny. But now the lisping canary, whose most profound cultural contribution previously came in the immortal words "I tawt I taw a puddy tat", has set off a row in the hallowed and humourless halls of couture.