Oliver Letwin

Donald Macintyre's Sketch: MPs fail to land punches in trial of Hacked

If Monday’s Commons debate was post-Leveson showdown lite, today’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee hearing was the real thing. We had Max Mosley, who famously won a 2008 court action against the (late) News of the World after it turned over his private life. And we had at least three Tory MPs who could barely contain their fury at Hacked Off’s starring role in the Ed Miliband-hosted talks which secured the cross-party regulation deal with David Cameron.

How to keep up with the Letwins

In this anti-elitist age, snobbery seems ridiculously outmoded. But, argues John Walsh, there's an awful lot of it about ...

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Diary: Tara gives it both barrels

To a gala dinner celebrating the 80th anniversary of the famed Foyles literary luncheon, where I learnt a thing or two about the perils of book signing (which, naturally, I'm filing away for future reference). "The worst thing about being an author," a tired and emotional Tara Palmer-Tompkinson assured me as she arrived, "is having such a bloody long name. My book signings take ages!"

Birmingham Diary: Tory fringe despair at antics of Coalition Cameroons

Representatives at the Conservative conference are not all seething with rancour over the compromises they have had to make through being in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, but a lively minority are. Nearly 150 gathered in a side hall yesterday to hear the Tory MEP Roger Helmer and the Daily Mail's Melanie Phillips denounce David Cameron for not setting Britain on a course that would get us out of the EU.