Frail Nelson Mandela filmed in hospital

South African President Jacob Zuma said he found Nelson Mandela “in good shape and in good spirits” on Monday but a SABC video of the meeting shows Mr Mandela in an armchair, his head propped up by a pillow, his legs on a footrest and covered by a blanket.

Life on Mars, in Utah

As rock samples show evidence of life on the Red Planet, scientists and enthusiasts live like astronauts far closer to home,  in the harsh terrain of Utah's desert

James Lawton: Empty seats betray idea of the people's Games

Thank heavens for the thin red line of these Olympics, the soldiers who brought instant reassurance under the threat of a security meltdown and now, understandably enough, are seen as a better short-term option than cardboard cut-out spectators in the vital matter of filling the empty spaces.

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Watch this space: the birthplace of a billion stars

This breeding ground for new stars, captured as never before by the Hubble Space Telescope, is in the heart of the Tarantula nebula some 170,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud – a small satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way.

Lincoln Hall: Mountaineer who miraculously survived a night left for

Overcome by a severe form of altitude sickness, and showing no vital signs, Lincoln Hall was left for dead near the summit of Mount Everest by his Sherpa guides. The next morning, another climbing party found him sitting cross-legged near a precipitous drop, frostbitten and delirious, but still alive. "I imagine you're surprised to see me here," he told them.