Philip Green

The man with Beatles and Stones for his birthday

Private equity boss David Bonderman, reportedly the 209th richest man in America, turns 70 next week. According to the BBC's business editor, Robert Peston, the co-founder of TPG Capital celebrated the milestone in Vegas with a private gig from Sir Paul McCartney. Bonderman is said by Forbes magazine to be worth in the region of $2bn, and a decade ago celebrated his 60th in similar style, with musical performances by The Rolling Stones and and a stand-up set by Robin Williams. That party cost him $7m.

Julie Burchill: You have to laugh when right-on icons turn out to have

Unlike those broads who live on that bit of the Venn diagram where smug socialites overlap with weirdos who campaign for murderers on Death Row, I don't know if Julian Assange is innocent or guilty of being a sex-pest. But I DO know that he is a wonderful thing in that he has given us an up-close-and-personal viewing of that rare bird, the Lefty Lothario, in all his tawdry glory.

After years of over-charging, City lawyers could face tough justice

Opportunistic city lawyers who over-charge their clients face tough new rules aimed at tackling the excesses and mismanagement of corporate law firms, under proposals to be published this week. The crackdown on the City's legal profession comes after growing concerns that regulators have failed to deal with abuses at multi-million pound law firms.

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Sarah Brown entertains fashion world at No 10

Fashionable London descended upon Downing Street last night for a reception hosted by Sarah Brown to celebrate 25 years of British fashion – or, more specifically, the British Fashion Council, the organisation that oversees London Fashion Week.

Mary Portas: There’s something about Mary

Mary Portas knows rather a lot about shops: after all, she’s turned around the fortunes of many of the best-known brands in fashion. Now the retail guru’s no-nonsense approach has made her the nation’s latest reality TV star. Esther Walker met her