Plastic Surgery

Injured firefighter gets most extensive face transplant ever

Surgeons in New York have revealed that they have successfully completed the most extensive face transplant in history - rebuilding the features of a volunteer fireman from Mississippi who was grievously disfigured in a 2001 blaze, using tissue from a donor killed in a cycling accident.

The heiress-apparent: Silvio Berlusconi lines up daughter to take

Comparisons to the Kennedys and the Bushes are exaggerated, but if Silvio Berlusconi’s criminal conviction makes it politically impossible for him to continue at the head of his party after the summer, there is a strong chance that another Berlusconi will take his place – Marina Berlusconi, his eldest daughter, who at present heads both Fininvest, his financial holding company, and Mondadori, Italy’s biggest book publisher, acquired by her father in controversial circumstances.

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