Festival Review: T in the Park, Balado, near Kinross

On the anniversary of Scottish music festival T in the Park’s 20 anniversary, two impressions might have struck those few who like to analyse their festivals rather than just file the memories away for a rainy day. They both go hand in hand – namely, that this is a festival which has exorcised the two-decade shadow of The Stone Roses’ ghost following their long, long-awaited headline appearance last year, and that it’s consequently one of the first to embrace a belatedly 21-century line-up in which futurist pop has at least as big a role to play as trad guitar rock.

Alesha Dixon steps out for domestic abuse victims

Talent show judge Alesha Dixon took a walk in the sun this morning as part of a campaign supporting women affected by domestic violence, as it was revealed two women are killed by current or former partners every week in England and Wales - but she refused to comment on Rihanna's reconciliation with Chris Brown.

Bloc Party, Earls Court, London

So here we are. After various side-projects, a three-year hiatus and the briefest of UK tours to promote 2012’s Four, Bloc Party have arrived at the not-long-for-this-earth Earls Court for their biggest ever show.

Millinery: If you want to get ahead, get a blue hat

The blue bandana-style headwear worn by Prime Minister David Cameron while visiting Amritsar in India might have been a combination of respect for the Golden Temple and a politician’s eye for a photo opportunity. But it seems he inadvertently latched on to a trend for blue hats.

Down, down, deeper and Brown for Rihanna

Chris Brown continues to wow with his odious behaviour. This week it was alleged that the rapper faked some of his community service (part of his punishment for assaulting his girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009) after prosecutors claimed his community-service records contained “significant discrepancies, indicating, at best, sloppy documentation and, at worst, fraudulent reporting”.

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