Robert Mugabe

Newspaper banned by Mugabe is back on sale

The once-banned Daily News, known for its criticism of President Robert Mugabe, returned to the streets of Zimbabwe yesterday, appearing for the first time in nearly eight years with a promise to highlight bad governance.

A leap into the unknown

A dancer leaps across the stage at The Place theatre in London, where the Tavaziva Dance Company will perform as part of a new programme announced yesterday.

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Enough's enough: Some things should be put out of their misery much

It lasted 11 hours and five minutes, a total of 138 games and 112 aces served. The epic Wimbledon match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut was the longest game of tennis ever played. Their showdown was just one of many things to have gone on too long. Here are some others that went on way after they should have been put out of their misery.

The Highlight Reel: Ill wind blows into Soweto

Soccer City, the showpiece stadium, the star of Soweto, the ingenious arena built to resemble an African cooking pot or Kalabash, is beginning to acquire another very African characteristic. After two days of strong winds in Johannesburg the venue for today's opening match looks like a dustbowl. Like everything else in the windswept approach to Soweto township, it's been coated in a thick layer of red dust. An attribute that will be immediately recognisable to any fan tuning in from Somalia to Namibia.

Anger management classes for ANC star

Some unsuspecting patients at an anger management class near Johannesburg are set to be joined by South Africa's most notorious big-mouth, it emerged yesterday. Julius Malema, leader of the ruling party's youth wing, is to undergo counselling to help him control his temper.