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Robert Mugabe

ANC youth leader becomes liability for President Zuma

He is the sorcerer's apprentice of South African politics. But deluged by a flood of damaging allegations, the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League leader Julius Malema suddenly faces the prospect that the sorcerer, President Jacob Zuma, will not wave his saviour's wand this time.

Newspaper banned by Mugabe is back on sale

The once-banned Daily News, known for its criticism of President Robert Mugabe, returned to the streets of Zimbabwe yesterday, appearing for the first time in nearly eight years with a promise to highlight bad governance.

The Fear: The Last Days Of Robert Mugabe, By Peter Godwin

I was carrying Peter Godwin's book across the lobby of a South African hotel when a beaming waitress, pointing to the picture of Robert Mugabe on the cover, stopped me to exclaim proudly: "That's my uncle!" But he's a bad man, I said. "This book shows the terrible things he has done, and is still doing." She clearly didn't believe me. "But it's just a book," she said, her smile fading. "He's really a good man."

Blair secretly courted Robert Mugabe to boost trade

Tony Blair secretly courted Robert Mugabe in an effort to win lucrative trade deals for Britain, it has emerged in correspondence released to The Independent under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents show that the relationship between New Labour and the Zimbabwean President blossomed soon after Tony Blair took office in Downing Street.

Enough's enough: Some things should be put out of their misery much

It lasted 11 hours and five minutes, a total of 138 games and 112 aces served. The epic Wimbledon match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut was the longest game of tennis ever played. Their showdown was just one of many things to have gone on too long. Here are some others that went on way after they should have been put out of their misery.

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Mugabe calls for fresh start with West

President Robert Mugabe has called for a new start to relations with those Western countries he has spent years insulting for their criticism of his leadership.