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Rupert Murdoch

In US, News Corp may truly be held to account

The former US Secretary of State, and potential presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, said that, whether it’s law, finance, medicine, academia or running a small business, “people rely on confidential communications to do their job”.

More embarrassment for New York Post after it wrongly identifies

A newspaper front page that wrongly identified two innocent men as the prime suspects in the Boston marathon bombing has renewed embarrassment for the New York Post newspaper, just days after it erroneously reported that 12 people had died in the incident when the death toll was in fact three.

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Boris has met Rupert Murdoch in private twice in six months

Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch have had at least two private meetings in the last six months, it was claimed today. They dined privately at the media mogul’s home in Mayfair this week, with Damian Lewis, star of the spy drama Homeland.