Sachin Tendulkar

The Indian Angle: Futures of Dhoni, Fletcher and national game at

Indians did not actually say – as Viv Richards once did after India had beaten the West Indies on an underprepared track in Chennai – "come home and we'll show you". But it was implied after MS Dhoni's men lost the series in England 4-0 last year. Well, England have come, and it is India who are being shown up. It might be too early to write India off in the Kolkata Test, but if the England players take time out to check the price of champagne here, it is understandable.

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Monty Panesar 'delighted' at dispatching Prince of India Sachin

The denizens of this great city might have disagreed but it was worth the price of admission yesterday to see the ball. The ball from Monty Panesar that bowled Sachin Tendulkar, the ball that was pitched, speared in almost, on leg, and then turned raspingly at right angles past the bat and hit off stump.