San Jose

Miners gather for emotional return

Some of the rescued miners returned to the mine for a religious service at the place where they spent 69 days trapped underground yesterday.

They may be out, but what next for 'Los 33'?

The party will start in earnest today on the second and third floors of the Regional Hospital in Copiapo, where the survivors of the San Jose Mine are being taken to meet their extended families, under the watchful eye of doctors. But when the euphoria subsides, one pressing issue will remain: on paper, at least, "Los 33" are out of a job.

Adobe buys web analytics specialist

Adobe Systems, known for its Photoshop editing program and Acrobat document software, announced overnight that it has agreed to buy web analytics firm Omniture for $1.8 billion (£1.09 billion).

Wildfires spread as California declares emergency

Strong winds are spreading multiple wildfires across parched parts of California as officials worry the gusts could ignite more blazes and force more evacuations in areas already under a state of emergency.

Cross purposes: Who are the Rosicrucians?

The world is a better place, it seems, if viewed through a pair of Rosicrucian-tinted spectacles. You may have seen their ad – on a poster or in newspaper at home or abroad – promising to improve your memory, develop your will-power, overcome bad habits and enrich your spirit by unlocking the secret wisdom of the ages.

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