San Jose

Spectacular lenticular

The Mauger Modern gallery in London presents the lenticular artist Chris Dean's first solo show outside the US, on the changing economic fortunes of his hometown Detroit in his exhibit, Transylvania.

Outpouring of patriotic pride over 'Los 33' has boosted the President

Whatever the official line, there is little doubt that rescue workers are doing everything in their power to ensure that the rescue of "Los 33", as the trapped miners are known in Chile, dovetails neatly with the PR requirements of Sebastiá* Piñera, the country's President.

Experts debate lining as rescue shaft nears miners

The tunnel that rescue workers hope will transport 33 trapped Chilean miners to safety is due to be completed some time before dawn tomorrow, meaning the men could begin returning to the surface as early as Monday morning, the country’s mining minister has announced.

Adobe buys web analytics specialist

Adobe Systems, known for its Photoshop editing program and Acrobat document software, announced overnight that it has agreed to buy web analytics firm Omniture for $1.8 billion (£1.09 billion).

'Angry' Andy overcomes Karlovic

Andy Murray plans to keep his temper under control after a three-set win over world number 20 Ivo Karlovic put him through to the fourth round of the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells.