Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James 'seeks forgiveness'

The husband of actress Sandra Bullock apologised yesterday for causing her "pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension" after recent claims he cheated on her while she was filming her Oscar-winning role in "The Blind Side."

Pandora: Hoon shoots well wide for top football job

Having recently fronted what has to be regarded as one of the most hapless political coup attempts in modern memory, it would be fair to venture that Geoff Hoon's stock hasn't exactly rocketed in subsequent weeks.

The Diary: Juliet and her Romeo; The Blind Side; Popstar to Opera

Theatre-goers can't move for star-cross'd lovers this spring. These days, though, it's not enough merely to stage the greatest romantic tragedy of them all: you need an angle. First up is Colchester's Mercury Theatre production, in which the seven-piece Astillero Tango Orchestra from Buenos Aires are putting their sultry stamp on the action. Then in Bristol next month comes "Juliet and her Romeo", a radically reconfigured romance in which the lovers are not callow, starry-eyed youths but octogenarians (played by Siân Phillips and Michael Byrne) whose children (rather than parents) are trying to prevent their nuptials. Hot on its heels comes the RSC, with 30-somethings Sam Troughton and Mariah Gale in the leads and "Enron" director Rupert Goold at the helm. Details on the production are being kept under wraps though, judging by the whizz-bangery of Goold's "Macbeth", this will be no pedestrian passion. "There's a lot of fire in the production", confirms a spokesperson, cryptically.

Michael Oher: The American dream fulfilled

At 16, he was destitute and illiterate, his father dead and his mother addicted to crack cocaine. Now he is one of American football's biggest stars – and his life the subject of a Hollywood film. Rupert Cornwell tells the extraordinary story of Michael Oher

All About Steve: Trailer Now Available

"The Proposal's" Sandra Bullock, Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church, and "The Hangover's" Bradley Cooper star in a hilarious tale of a woman who, after falling hard for a guy, thinks they're an item; unfortunately, he thinks she's stalking him!

Speed Racer (PG)

Car-crash cinema to make you reach for the headache pills: How could they? The men who made 'The Matrix' have created a computer-game-style film that's so dull it hurts

Matthew McConaughey: Big Matt

Nine years ago, Matthew McConaughey was on a downward spiral. Now he's earning £4m a film – and life's grand, he tells Gill Pringle