Security Council

Cameron accuses Russia and China of aiding Assad

Taking the podium at the United Nations yesterday, David Cameron accused two of the world's leading powers, China and Russia, of blocking international efforts to halt the war in Syria and suggested they had "aided and abetted" President Assad's "reign of terror".

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Nine killed as Syrian ceasefire is rocked by suicide bombings

A string of bomb blasts ripped through Syria yesterday, including three powerful explosions in the north-western city of Idlib – killing nine people – highlighting the momentous challenge facing the UN monitoring mission as it attempts to shore up a threadbare ceasefire.

Assad tanks punish protesters after UN team drives out

As the UN team drove out of the Damascus suburb of Douma yesterday, regime tanks were said to have rolled in – offering another indication that President Bashar al-Assad is adopting a strategy of brutal mass punishment for those who turn out to show observers their discontent with the regime.