Why everyone should see Keith Vaz as a hero

How on earth is the Home Affairs committee chair to acquaint himself with the ins and outs of male prostitution, if not by having affairs at home with male prostitutes? How better to investigate the impact of cocaine than by offering it to guests, and observing its effects on mind and body close-up?

I'm not surprised by the Grindr gay sex scandal at a Catholic seminary

I looked into how much it would cost, what I would need to study to qualify, and starting reading up on what life would be like as a priest. I wrote a lengthy letter to my pastor, who sent back to me a single biblical quote which I took very seriously at the time - 'In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.'

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Women resort to faking orgasms to put a stop to unwanted sex

'While some women spoke about faking orgasm in positive ways, for instance, as a pleasurable experience that heightened their own arousal, many talked about feigning pleasure in the context of unwanted and unpleasurable sexual experiences'