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Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor convicted of 'aiding and abetting war crimes' in

In a historic ruling, an international court today convicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity for supporting brutal rebels in neighbouring Sierra Leone in return for “blood diamonds”.

Sarah Brown: 'I should have spoken up about the things said about

Power is not what attracted me to Gordon Having power has to be about the contribution a person can make. It was how he has been able to take the thing that he is good at and use it to serve, through political life. As Martin Luther King said: "Everybody can be great... because everybody can serve."

Three debuts make the Orange Prize shortlist

Three first-time novelists tackling macabre subjects – the aftermath of conflict in the Balkans, a love affair in a mental institution, and the story of a hermaphrodite baby called Wayne – feature in this year's shortlist for the Orange Prize for Fiction.

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Geoffrey Robertson QC: The Great Defender

One man stands between Julian Assange and extradition. Fortunately for the WikiLeaks founder, he is a barrister whose brilliance has won some of the defining legal battles of the age