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South Carolina

Second inaugural addresses: fraught with difficulty and rarely

The second inaugural address has rarely been memorable. Save for Abraham Lincoln’s, which struck a series of soaring notes, including “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty source of war may speedily pass away”, they are fraught with difficulty.

Rancour as Gingrich and Romney spar in debate

Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House, learned to his cost last night that he is not alone among Republicans vying for the presidential nomination able to conjure righteous indignation when it matters.  Mitt Romney showed a debate audience here that he has quite the talent for it too.

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Jon Huntsman quits Republican nomination race

Jon Huntsman suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination today, calling on his party to end "an onslaught of negative and personal attacks" in the campaign and then endorsing rival Mitt Romney.