What next for Momentum – and might the Tories play copycat?

Labour's grassroots movement Momentum was once dismissed by Tom Watson as ‘a rabble’, but after last month’s stunning election performance by Jeremy Corbyn they are being taken very seriously indeed – so much so that the Tories are now trying to steal their act

How VR could break America's opioid addiction

Can virtual reality really soothe pain? Jo Marchant meets the doctors who say yes, and who hope this is a solution to the country consuming 80 per cent of the world’s opioid supply: the United States of America

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Robots and AI could soon have feelings, hopes and rights … we must pre

Last month, the parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to to begin drafting a set of regulations to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence and robotics. It sounds bizarre but could we see a future where AI could get married and do other things that people can?