Massive rise in drone-related crime revealed

An investigation by The Independent reveals reports that shop-bought drones have endangered commercial airliners, caused fights between neighbours and been used by criminal gangs to transport drugs into prisons

Why Pokémon Go isn't the dream come true you think it is

Pokémon Go requires the user to give permission to several privacy intrusions: location services, camera usage and data, time zone, and so on. It’s not surprising people are already questioning what Pokémon creator Nintendo will do with this data

Welcome to the world of animal technology

Many people laugh when they hear about animal technology and point out that they cannot type. This doesn’t stop many humans from using it so that shouldn’t stop animals either says Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas

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Technology, not Brexit, is the biggest threat to our job market

Jobs have become a core Brexit issue. Would leaving the EU be good or bad for job creation? Why are migrants taking so many of the new jobs being created in the UK, and what are the implications for the freedom of movement for labour? What about the quality of jobs, and the implications for productivity? And so on.