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IT specialists urged to help police

IT specialists should consider becoming police volunteers to help stop criminals trying to fleece Britons of hundreds of millions of pounds online, the Security Minister is to suggest.

Diary: Will nobody step up and be Cameron's local copper?

The election of Police and Crime Commissioners is "at the heart of the Government's plan to cut crime", we have been told. So the Government will be pleased to see some big names showing an interest in running for the elections, scheduled for 15 November, even if they are not Conservatives.

Ali Dizaei 'abused police powers'

The most senior Metropolitan police officer to be charged with corruption in 34 years went on trial today accused of abusing his office like a “bully” to arrest a man and falsely claim he was assaulted.

Outside the Box: Expect Diouf to get a mouthful from Celtic fans in

It is arguable that not since Rangers signed Maurice Johnston, a catholic and former Celtic player, more than 20 years ago, has any new player divided the club as much as the recent recruit from Blackburn Rovers, El Hadji Diouf. That adds extra edge, as if any were needed, to today's Old Firm Scottish Cup tie at Ibrox.

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Clash of the reggae titans: An extraordinary global music contest will

It's sound clash time again. Strictly for aficionados of reggae sound system culture, it's the musical equivalent of a special forces assault course, where the midnight 'til dawn damage inflicted by the heaviest bass bins – and the blaring horns and screeching whistles of the crowd – leaves ear drums ringing and calf muscles aching. It's also a test of mental agility, an A-level examination in recognising tunes.