Times Square

Pronunciation: Make a speech purist cry – try vocal fry

Will you be frying tonight? Britney, Kim Kardashian and her coven and K$sha (her keyboard clumsiness, not mine) will be. I'm not talking about the oil-based cooking technique. Instead, I refer to the "vocal fry", a non-fattening and newly identified way of speaking that is, apparently, big with young women in the US.

Happy 2012! New Year sparks global celebration

The end-of-year party rulebook demands fireworks – whatever the woes of the world – and as midnight ticked by in one timezone after another, 2012 was ushered in with a familiar bang and fizz.

Invasion of Times Square leads to 92 arrests

Police in New York said that 92 people had been arrested by early yesterday after Saturday’s chaotic invasion of Times Square by anti-Wall Street protestors that brought puzzled if not terrified tourists face to face with the movement that started in Manhattan and has now spread to cities around the globe.

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Crowds gather in US cities after Bin Laden killed

Joyous at the release of a decade's frustration, Americans streamed to the site of the World Trade Center, the gates of the White House and smaller but no less jubilant gatherings across the country to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden — cheering, waving flags and belting the national anthem.

New York steps up serial killer hunt after more remains found

More body parts have been discovered among scrub and bushes along a windblown stretch of beachfront road on southern Long Island, injecting further urgency into efforts by police to break what appears to be one of the grizzliest serial killer cases seen in the New York City region for decades.