This is the death of liberalism – thanks to poor education

In Britain, as Runciman's brilliant analysis made clear, the Remain vote was often an island of resistance amid a sea of Leave: Norwich, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and others – they are all places with good universities

Nigel Farage shouldn’t write off the Steven Woolfe incident so soon

It is 100 days since Farage humiliated Britain with a speech in which he informed men such as MEP Vytenis Andriukaitis, the decorated cardiac surgeon, that he had ‘never done a day’s work’ in his life. Now here he is again informing the world that a brain scan here and a double seizure there is simply the British political way

What happened to Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe has become inevitable

We have normalised aggression and abuse in our language – in politics and other areas of public life – to such an extent that we simply don’t even notice it any more. I'm afraid that this fight won't be last, and that Jo Cox's death won't be the last either

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Theresa May plays a dangerous game on immigration

The Prime Minister ought not repeat the error of her predecessor and become so spooked by the Brexit vote that she sacrifices the jobs and prosperity of the 'ordinary working class people' she seeks to support