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University College London

BBC presenter Stephanie McGovern attacks UK’s regional prejudice

She has decoded the complexities of the eurozone crisis and quizzed international corporate leaders before audiences of millions, but BBC Breakfast presenter Stephanie McGovern said some viewers still thought her Northern accent meant she was “too common for telly”.

Where are they now? How last year's graduates are doing in the job

A degree from a prestigious university is usually seen as a guarantee of a well-paid job. In reality, it's more like a raffle ticket: from Goldman Sachs to a bowling alley, LSE alumnus Theron Mohamed charts the diverse fortunes of his peers in the six months since graduation.

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If you can't be good, be careful

You're hooked on junk food, regularly drink more than your limit and prefer the sofa to the gym. What can you do to limit the damage?

Is a degree worth £9,000 per year?

This week Oxford University confirmed that it would raise undergraduate tuition fees to £9,000 per year. The decision came after Cambridge, Imperial College London and Exeter also announced their intentions to charge the maximum allowed by the government’s recent reforms. To say the least, this news puts Nick Clegg’s claims that £9,000 fees would be ‘the exception, not the rule’ in doubt. But is a university degree really worth all that money? We've asked recent graduates and current students what they think.