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Cec Thompson: The first black man to play rugby league for Great

Cec Thompson was a man who, from unpromising beginnings, made a remarkable success of his life, on and off the rugby league field. Not content to rest on his laurels after becoming the first black player to represent Great Britain in 1951, he became a successful businessman, a highly respected economics teacher and a driving force behind the Student Rugby League. All this after leaving school at 14 and barely being able to read and write when well into his 20s.

China’s power stations generate ‘future spike’ in

Sulphur pollutants from coal-fired power stations in China have tended to cool the global climate over the past decade in contrast to the warming effect resulting from rising concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, scientists have found.

Indoors is the new outdoors as festival spirit goes under cover

As Bestival and End of the Road rounded off the summer festival season over the weekend, the music industry has being counting the profits from its most successful summer ever. So successful, in fact, that the show will go on for a little while yet.

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Counted?, County Hall, London

To vote or not to vote, that is the question. Most ordinary folk would rather tick a few numbers on the Lottery than tick a box in a polling booth on 6 May, and this new documentary drama from the Look Left Look Right company examines the causes of political apathy in West Yorkshire: people didn't know about local elections; they feel alienated; the most popular video on YouTube is the one of Gordon Brown picking his nose and eating it.